Double Trouble

We have received the greatest gift we could possibly get. Not one, but two children to love.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

play group ettiqute

Ok, this is dumb but I have no where else to ask it. We were invited to a playdate this Friday to a twin mom's house that I recently met. And she didn't realize that her playgroup was meeting at her house the same morning but she invited us to join them rather than cancel since my twins are in the same age group and all. We have never been to a playgroup playdate so I am just wondering what the appropriate etiquette is and if it would even apply to me since I am not an official part of the group. We will only be staying maybe 2 hours, but I am wondering if I bring something for the host or some sort of snack for her to serve or even a little something for each of the children(or at least the hostess' children). I feel funny going empty handed. I would have posted this on my twin board but a mutual friend of ours posts there too and I guess I would feel dumb if she saw this or even worse said something to our friend the hostess. So hopefully people will see this and maybe even responds in time for the playdate. I never post here, so I am not sure how many people check this but I figured it was worth a shot.

Monday, August 18, 2008

double doozy

Yes, I know it has been forever since I last posted and who knows when I'll post again. Just to bring you up to speed, D and I are trying to work things out and not get divorced, I am no longer working at Starbucks, the kids are 21 months old and doing great. So tomorrow, I am having my first mammogram and I am really nervous. And the in laws are coming to babysit. It was a little nerve wracking when it was just MIL given what has been going on with me and D but FIL and I always butt heads and I feel he doesn't get what it takes to take care of one toddler let alone two. So now I have to be sure the house is extra clean (instead of just clean enough for mil) and all ontop of the stress of the mammo. I finally went to my 6 month-c-section/exam- follow up OB appt (YES A YEAR LATE) and I got the whole you are over 35 you need a mammo speech, so tomorrow's the day and I am really nervous.

Monday, April 21, 2008

just some pictures from Passover

Justin just hanging out

Ellie with messy hair since she messed it up and would not me let near it to fix it

my cousin's 4 month old son Dylan

Friday, March 14, 2008

technology sucks*updated*

We have a wireless router to connect my laptop to the internet. For a while now the connection has been iffy, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. We got a new router last fall, not cheap. Worked great for a little bit, then iffy, now cannot connect at all. So my only computer time is while the kids are napping when I have 900 other things to do. I use D's desktop computer then that is not in a kid friendly part of the house and when he is home, he is usually on it. Being that D is a Mac guy and other computers are not allowed in this house, the laptop and router are both made by Apple. So since we are not exactly sure if it is the computer or router with the problem, after watching the kids while he goes 20 miles for a haircut (a BIG issue that I will never win) and before my lovely late afternoon and evening at Starbucks, I will be dragging this stuff to the Apple store at the mall praying they can fix it under the Apple Care warranty that we have. Then I can again have the luxury of going online (weather it be to pay bills, get childcare advice, shop, chat with friends, etc) whenever I want to. It is technology that spoiled me in this area in the first place and now I am dying without it.

Trip to the Apple store was successful. My wireless laptop is now connecting to the internet once again!! Oh joy, happy day!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Starbucks life

As many people know, I have been working as a Starbucks barista for about 6 weeks now. I have to say it is very entertaining working around a bunch of college aged (not all of them go to school) kids with just a handful of us thirtysomethings and the 1 or 2 older than that. I just laugh at the kids with their boyfriends and going out at 1am after work and all that. I remember the days. It kind of makes me feel old and young at the same time. Most of the people I work with are pretty nice and I think they are happy with me. I work about 12-14 hours a week right now. The money is not great but it adds up and you get tips. And it gets me out of the house which is good for me AND the twins right now.

Not that anyone reading this will really get it unless you work for Starbucks but here are just some peeves.
very few people actually empty the garbage behind the counter
very few people actually brew the coffee when it is needed
very few people actually brew the tea for the iced teas when it is needed until there is none left
when you're on register, you have line and 12 frappaccinos to make, it sucks, you have to do it all yourself and make people wait
very few people fill in the food case or take out the empty trays when needed
when you work with a splitting headache, like I did last night, it makes the headache like a million times worse
people that are rude and impatient when you are new and learning and tell them that nicely and ask them to bear with you
people that expect you to go through hoops for them, especially when the place is insanely busy, it is just a drink they are getting not brain surgery
people that tell you all their options (nonfat, decaf, extra shot, no whip, etc) first AND THEN the drink and then get mad that you are not fast enough, when you ring it in to the register, we can't do anything without knowing the drink and the size first

Other than the entertainment provided by the young twentysomethings, the funny thing is when you get entertainment like we did last night. I think this was a first for the Starbucks that I work at and it must have been a fraternity prank as there is a large SUNY school nearby. Around 15-20 guys came in running around the store in a line while screaming in nothing but their boxers. At first it was scary, we didn't know if they were going to try to steal anything or do anything to the customers. The manager was pissed of course as this obviously offended some people and she just yelled at them to get out and they eventually did. As far as the rest of us, soon as we realized that it was harmless, we thought it was hysterical. A nice comic relief for a stressful day.

Monday, February 25, 2008

15 months

It's hard to believe it but our babies are 15 months old. We went for our 15 month pediatrician well visit yesterday. Stats are:

Justin- 21 lbs 5oz 30.25 inches
Ellie- 22 lbs 30 inches

Justin was in the 10th percentile for weight, 25th for height and 75th for head circumference. (Guess he will take after D's side of the family, I don't see it but they tell me they have big heads. LOL) Ellie was in the 40th for weight, 50th for height and 50th for head circumference. These percentiles are for a regular 15 month old, not for their adjusted age of 13 months. They are both walking all over the place and into everything. Dr Lasner says they are both doing great.

They got two shots and both cried but they were very well behaved during the appointment. We will still have to watch them today for a risk of low grade fever and fussiness, and possible redness or rash at the shot site for up to a week. Thank goodness we don't have to do this again until May.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

here's another one