Double Trouble

We have received the greatest gift we could possibly get. Not one, but two children to love.

Monday, October 30, 2006

going to the hospital....

I saw the specialist today and what they did not tell me last week was that they were not totally sure it if was Vasa Previa and it could have just been the cord (and if it was there is a chance it would move) but I definitey do have Valementous Cord Insertion. But today when they checked me, it was still there looking exactly the same so there is more of a chancce that I do have Vasa Previa. So, they are admitting me to the hospital. Probably for the duration. The only exception would be that if the babies appear to be doing well, they may discharge me and readmit me on Mondays so that I can travel to the specialist, as they do not have his equipment in the hospital. So I am not sure when I will be posting again and I do not have alot of time right now. But this is the scoop. I will miss all my friends out there in blog-land and my in-real-life friends who read this too. Everyone take care! :)

PS- I will be keeping in touch with Jessica, so she said she would post my updates on her blog. Thanks Jessica!

Friday, October 27, 2006

names for baby A's cord problems

First, I just want to say to everyone in blogland, thanks for all the support on this. The 2 "new" issues actually have names that I now know. The cord being not inserted into the placenta properly is called Valementous Cord Insertion and the vein crossing over the cervix, is called Vasa Previa. I am trying to get them to put me in the hospital for the duration. I went to the ob yesterday (my mother-in-law came too) and he spent a long time with us and convinced us both that it was not needed right now and gave me meds to prevent any contractions. (I also went to the hospital twice this week for steroid shots to help the development of the organs and lungs.) But since then, I am still second guessing everything. I have another peri appointment on Monday, so I am going to work on him and if he still says no. I am calling the ob and not letting up.

I feel ok physically except that I am tired and don't sleep well at all anymore. But emotionally, I am not doing so great. I am trying to hold it together for the babies' sake but it is not easy.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

and yet another problem....

I went to the peri yesterday. Baby B is fine. Baby A is back down to the 25th percentile, which is not good but not the worst of things.

While trying to get the needed measurements, the tech was having troubles getting one. So it prompted her to look further and while doing that she had an interesting find where baby A's cord is inserted into the placenta. Because of all the bleeding that I had in the beginning, the placenta did not totally form properly (which we knew) so the cord instead of being in the middle of the placenta, is more towards the side. And because of that, one of the veins that make up the cord, is not embedded into the placenta the way it should be. It is also not covered in the protective gook that now covers the rest of the cord and the baby at this point. And it is crossing right over my cervix. And baby A's head is right near the cervix as well. So this all means a few different things. The first two, with that vein, if the head puts pressure on the vein, it can decrease blood flow to baby A. Or if the baby is just hanging out, doing it's normal baby things, it can get caught on the vein and accidentally rupture it. Either of these two issues can lead to death of the baby, brain damage or learning disabilities later on. If they see that the baby is in distress due to this, they will be forced to deliver both babies.

The other 2 scanarios are due to the slower growth of baby A. While he/she is still growing, it is not at the rate it should be. It is not horrible right now, but it is not so good either. So if the baby goes below the 10th percentile or if the difference in size between the 2 babies becomes too far apart, again they will be forced to deliver both babies.

Right now, they want to try to get me to 32 weeks. The whole thing is just really scary. I mean any of these things could happen and I would not know. I will be going weekly now to the peri and I am waiting for the ob to call me back on this but still, even once or twice a week, does not seem like enough to me. I am not willing to risk my baby's life or his/her quality of life. And the other thing is, I always knew in the back fo my mind that we may have premature babies that my need to be in NICU and not be able to come home I do but I was hoping that would not be the case. Now it seems that more likely than not, it will be. I was never expecting to hear this sort of news yesterday. I am trying to think positively and not worry but it is just more easier said than done.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

baby shower /new car

So my shower was this past Sunday. It was such a nice day. It was great to see and celebrate with most of our family and friends. And the place was nice, the food was really good and everyone was so generous with the gifts. And father-in-law (who is a professional baker) made me a beautiful, delicious cake. Below are pics and no it is not pink because we think we are having girls. We still don't know the genders, he made it pink for me. :) My mother-in-law crocheted 4 beautiful blankets for the babies and my 85 year old grandma knitted them adorable sweaters and matching hats. It is just so amazing how much preperation goes into a day like this and then just like that, it is over. We are so grateful and blessed for everything that everyone did for us and gave to us. We are very lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.

We also realized that with our two cars, we would need a bigger automobile. So we were able to do an even trade. We gave in my 2003 Honda Accord, that I will miss very much, for a 2002 Ford Explorer. We got such a good deal. It was spotless and runs great and had half as many miles on it as the Honda. You could really tell that the previous owners took excellent care of it. Here are some photos (It was raining when we picked up the car but D took pics anyway, you can tell from the pics. LOL) We are very excited to be getting all ready for the babies.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Went to the OB yesterday:

I passed the 3 hour glucose test!! YAY!!

Also, I asked about c-section date. He said he KNOWS that given my history (first pregnancy (well successful one), carrying twins, contractions early on, etc) that I will not make it to 38 weeks. So at 32 weeks he is going to discuss a date with me that will probably be sometime around 36 weeks rather than 38 like we had originally thought. So it looks like these babies will be here before Christmas. I know it is only a few weeks difference but I am starting to feel like we better get a move on with things after my shower this weekend. And I am starting to get really excited. The only thing I am not excited about, is going back to work that much sooner. LOL

Anyway, as I mentioned above, my shower is this weekend. And we have gotten a few gifts this week that were ordered off my registry from people who are unable to attend. Which is so nice of people and it is very emotional everytime we get and open something. It is seeming more and more real but a the same time it is still unbelievable that this is finally happening after so many years. It's just crazy!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So I posted yesterday's sonogram pictures, a new belly pic and pictures of the babies room so far on the babies' website. Here is the link. Enjoy!

Babies Site

Friday, October 06, 2006


I went this week for my 1 hour glucose test and they just called and I failed by 10 points. She said normal is up to 139 and mine was 149. So now I have to take the 3 hour test. And they tested for some other stuff while I was there and I had to pee-in-a-cup. I am slightly anemic, so I have to take iron pills which will do wonders for my poops (which a already out of wack, sorry if tmi) AND I have a urinary tract infection, so I will have to go on an antibiotic. And the antibiotic may upset my stomach, I know this from past experience, so I will take acidopholous which I need to be careful of because it could bring on a yeast infection. So all of this is such lovely news, I am less than thrilled at the moment. I am sure it will end up ok, but it is just annoying. Oh well.